The movement of


Building bridges

We are a community organisation established in the Burngreave area in 2013, building bridges between the community, residents, youth and services.

Our mission

The aim of the Organisation is to provide a programme of social educational and recreational activities within a safe and secure environment, which encourages young people to reach their full potential.

Reach Up Youth are passionate about community cohesion and equality for all.

We provide a local network group that encourages and enables members of the BAME community to participate more effectively within their local community. We do this by promoting sports, recreational and health awareness.

Reach Up Youth increases opportunities for young people from the BAME community to engage with service providers, to enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of that community.

Our activities

Activities delivered by Reach Up Youth, allow young people to experience the power of sport in their own personal development, something which may have previously been limited due to culture.

Youth leadership

We work to empower young people using youth leadership programmes, helping to divert the attention from gang crime and anti-social behaviour. RUY deliver activities which aim to develop young peoples’ Life Skills and resilience, and most importantly care deeply about supporting positive mental health and reducing isolation.


Our project has already helped a lot of young people off the streets and helped them focus their energy into more productive outlets, and we will continue to do this for the everyone in Burngreave.

Safiya is from Burngreave, and started the project because she was worried about the future of her son growing up in the local community. Safiya wanted to better the community for everyone who lives there, and so took it upon herself to start Reach Up Youth.

“I am a single mother. I am a community activist, I work in schools and colleges and help with diversity and equality. I work with women in the community helping them finding their voices against discrimination, engage in activities to help with isolation, mental health, breaking down language barriers and help them to support their children at school. Setting up creative projects like sisterhood basketball group, self-defence for females, big brother project where its involved youths 11 to 20 mentoring scheme to prevent Antisocial behaviour and crime. It’s not a job for me it’s a lifestyle. Great support of the community.”

“I empower, engage and enable communities to develop the next generation of inspirational leaders. Inspiring, motivating and giving women and young people in particular from BAME communities, a voice for what matters to them, being the catalyst to be the change they want to see. I was the first in the UK to have a hair salon for women only for hijabs only, the first Muslim female to have won Cosmopolitan Ultimate women of the year 2007 and visited 10 Downing Street, I am the first Somali woman who leads young black male into sports and activity. my Project won Sheffield celebration of sport 2018 for social change in the community. Finally, I am a mother of 4 daughters and a son, I taught my daughters to demand equality and fairness at all times, and I taught my son to always respect all especially women. I am very active in my community, I inspire mothers like me and their daughters to understand the system and to be a part of groups and organisations that will seek equality for them in their daily lives, in education, healthy living and mental health support. to have a strong community we need a stronger woman.”

I empower, engage and enable communities to develop the next generation of inspirational leaders.