The movement of Burngreave

Who are we?

We are an organisation that provide a programme of social education and recreational activities within a safe and secure environment, which encourages young people to reach their full potential.

We are passionate about community cohesion and equality for all, and we a provide a local network group that encourages and enables members of the BAME community to participate more effectively within their local community.

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Kulan-The Play (Report)

Introduction Identity is a very long road for a person and in this play, we wanted to show the torn between culture and being British

As a diverse community we continue to experience many hardships: Discrimination, poverty, high unemployment rates as well as knife crime. These challenges not only affect the adults of the community, it puts our youth at risk. This can put pressure on young people as they feel like they have no stability. This pressure in young people, without the proper support, can unfortunately lead to issues regarding mental health and even suicide.

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Big brother burngrave:

The Journey by Ibrahim Ahmed

Reach Up Youth works to empower young people using youth leadership programmes such as Big Brother Burngreave. Big Brother Burngreave is set up by young people for young people. This film explores the journey Safiya and Reach Up Youth have undertaken to make this a successful project.Filmed, Edited and Directed By Ibrahim Ahmed.

This project is aimed at young girls aged 11- 20 years old.

Although its an open door policy but its targeted at the BAME girls as they are restricted and limited access to practice sports and activities.

We want to create leadership, community champions and confidence building through sports. They are now 25 girls attend the sessions. We want to mentor them to become young leaders and help to build their self-steam as there are lack of young girls represented in the professional world and the community. Young girls are very vulnerable in Burngreave and they don’t have a lot of mentor’s women from their background they can identify with.